Muralidhar Girls' College

AFFILIATED TO CALCUTTA UNIVERSITY | Accredited with A in 3rd cycle NAAC, 2023
P-411/14 Gariahat Road Ballygunge Kolkata-700029

Muralidhar Girls' College

AFFILIATED TO CALCUTTA UNIVERSITY | Accredited with A in 3rd cycle NAAC, 2023
P-411/14 Gariahat Road Ballygunge Kolkata-700029

About library

Library at a Glance

The college library is housed in the ground floor of the college. It has more than 43,000 books on all the subjects taught in the college. Besides, the library has a good collection of story books, popular magazines to increase reading habit of students. A computerized database is maintained and books issue-return process is also computerized.


Our library offers following services:

Computerised database search facility:
Library users are able to search the database of books by the author name, subject, key word and by the name of the book.

Reading room service:
Here almost 70 students can sit at a time. They can issue books, journals, magazines or newspaper to read in the reading room during the college hours.

Book lending service:
Students can issue 2 books at a time for 14 days.

Reference service:
It has a good reference collection. All the library staffs help users to find their required information providing the ready reference sources like encyclopaedias, dictionary etc.

Access to e resource- NLIST:
The College is a subscriber of NLIST; an e-resource where from the users can download scholarly articles required by them directly from the publisher’s website. The NLIST project provides access to more than 2100 e-journals and 51000 e-books. It is an initiative of Union Human Resource and development Ministry, Govt. of India.

Seminar library:
in addition to the general library, every department has a seminar library. It contains text and reference books and aims at providing easy access to books. Here the students can borrow books with the permission from the departmental teachers. The function of the seminar library is determined by the departments concerned.


GENERAL rules for library users

Users are requested to observe the following rules while using the library services; any violation of these rules will incur appropriate disciplinary actions.

  1. Leave your bags etc., in the baggage counter, on your own responsibility. This area is under CCTV surveillance.
  2. Do not write, underline or mark any book. Library books are carefully examined on return and the borrower will be held responsible for the damage.
  3. After reading, return the book to the counter or leave books/magazines on the table. Please do not shelve the books.
  4. Complete silence should be observed in the reading room.
  5. Drinks and eatables are not allowed in the library.
  6. Keep your mobiles off within the library premises.
  7. Report lost books or other materials to the library immediately to stop overdue fines.
  8. In case of lost Library Card, please immediately report to the circulation staff so that your membership is temporarily blocked to prevent misuse of the Library Card. Once you get a replacement, please inform circulation staff so that your memberships can be re-activated.
  9. Ask for help from library staff if you are unable to find your required material.
  10. While returning library books or other materials at the Circulation Desk please ensure that the circulation staffs has returned the book(s).
  11. In case of loss of library cards, students have to pay Rs. 10.00 for each card. Duplicate cards will be issued after payment.
  12. Overdue charges will be Rs. 1.00 per day, per book.


1. STUDENTS 2 15 days
2. TEACHERS 15 30 days


During the regular academic sessions, the library's hours are as follows:

Reading facility –10.00 a.m. –5.00 p.m.
Time for lending slip submission- 10.00 a.m – 1.30 p.m
Book home issue/ return – 10.00a.m. –5.00 p.m.

During summer recess:
Books are issued for reading room only (12:00 Noon - 4:00 p.m).
Library remains closed in college holidays.

Clearance certificate is issued to all the members of the library before she/ he leaves the college. Library clearance is issued only after surrendering the library cards and clearing all dues.

Seminar library in charge can take books from the central library for their seminar library. Central library issues library clearance only for the central library. Seminar library clearance should be issued by the respective departments.
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